Episode 15: Marketing Your Online Course (Part 3)
In this episode, Esther speaks to Tan about how to market you and your business. | Listen on iTunes
Episode 14: Teaching an Online Course (Part 2)
In this second part of our online course investigation, Tan and Esther talk about how to teach online. Esther interviews Tan while she gives pointers on how to present an course and how to get students interested in your course. | Listen on iTunes
Episode 13: Online Course: How Do You Build One
Esther and Tan talk about choosing the right platform for your course | how to plan your course | different ways to keep students motivated | how to build your course... | Listen on iTunes
Episode 12: Instagram Travel Bootcamp Review
Lauren Bath is the original Professional Instagrammer and has been featured around the world. The Travel Bootcamp Review episode looks at how to grow your Instagram Account especially in the travel niche... | Listen on iTunes
Episode 11: Pets and Technology: Learn how to Keep Pets Safe, Happy and Fit!
Esther explores the world of technology and pets with a focus on - Cats who have syndrome separation disorder and how to combat it ... | Listen on iTunes
Episode 10: DATA DAY: If you drink diet coke are you also a tea drinker
Data analytics show that you probably drink tea and diet coke - but not at the same time | Esther explores the world of data analytics and how big brother is watching you online to give you a great shopping experience... | Listen on iTunes
Episode 9: Twitter: Getting Engagement and More!
Donald Trump tweets and you can learn how to do it too! Esther discusses how to get engagement | how to make your tweets stand out at an event | Listen on iTunes
Episode 8: LinkedIn and How to Create a Super Profile that Everyone Will Love
Esther shares with Tan what LinkedIn is and how it works | What information should be in your LinkedIn profile | What is the difference between your LinkedIn profile and your resume ... | Listen on iTunes
Episode 7: Using Facebook Insights to Boost your Business
Boost business with Facebook Insights | Learn how to use insights with your Business Page | Know how to find your true audience ... | Listen on iTunes
Episode 6: Instagram Tips for Getting Ahead
Increase followers on Instagram. Tan shares the following tips. Why it's important to find the right niche for you | Why it's important to follow influencers ... Listen on iTunes
Episode 5: Blogging FAQs Answered by Tan and Esther
Tan explores - Why start a Blog? | Learn the 2 elements/ reasons why you would want to start a blog | Blogs and Websites: are they the same? | How long should a Blog be? | Do I need a website to Blog? | Are there any places where I could put my Blog in?... | Listen on iTunes
Episode 4: Outsourcing the Right Way with Tan and Esther
Esther tells us about her outsourcing company Smofonse and how it all started. From having requests from other people, over the years of perfecting processes, she found out issues and set up Smofonse to help. | Listen on iTunes
Episode 3: Why Start a Podcast with Tan and Esther
Tanja tells us there is more to it than thinking about your microphone. She then gives tips on how to start your Podcast when you are on a budget, software you can use, and other tricks to get started! | Listen on iTunes
Episode 2: Making Money Online with Tan and Esther
Esther lists a few of the many different ways to make money online. She says to focus on one - where you are comfortable and get started! Listen to this episode to find out how you can make money online today. | Listen on iTunes
Episode 1: Meet Tan and Esther
Meet and learn more about Tan and Esther. In this first introductory episode, Tan and Esther talk about themselves and what they both do in their own digital worlds. | Listen on iTunes